Moza Special Appetisers

Moza Special Tikka £3.25

Bangladeshi spicy chicken cooked with fresh green peppers and onions

Kebab Roll £3.25

Juicy pieces of sheek kebab cooked in tandoor wrapped with homemade dough then deep fried.

Garlic Fry Prawn £3.25

Baby prawn fried with garlic, onion, coriander served with garlic sauce

Chicken Tukra £3.25

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in mustard and tamarind sauce, cooked in clay oven

Chicken Patti £3.25

Marinated in chef special recipe then covered in golden bread crumbs and deep fried.

Kebab Stir Fry £3.25

Spicy sheesh kebab cooked clay oven with fresh peppers and onions (slightly hot)

Cocktail Kebab £3.40

Sheek kebab, chicken tukra, lamb tikka with tomato, capsicum cooked in the clay oven

Moglai Chicken £3.25

Delicate spices with ginger, fresh ground peppers, marinated in moza special recipe

Stuffed Pepper (Chicken/Lamb/Veg) £2.95

Fresh green pepper cooked in tandoori stuffed with medium spiced filling.

Tandoori Chicken Stir Fry £3.25

Freshly sliced onion, pepper pan fried with Worcester sauce and ketchup

Chilli Paneer £3.25

Indian cheese stir fried with onion, garlic, pepper, chilli & a hint of tamarind.

Mix Kebab £3.60

Consist of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab, topped with fried onion.

Nargis Kebab £3.25

Spiced minced lamb wrapped around a boiled egg.

Lamb Chops £3.60


Old Favourites

Tandoori Chicken £3.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £3.25
Sheek or Shami Kebab £3.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Chat Puree £3.25
Chicken Pakora £3.25
Spicy Pakora £3.25
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik £3.40
Meat or Veg Samosa £2.95
Onion Bhaji V £2.95
Garlic Mushroom Puree V £2.95
Mushroom Pakora V £2.95
Aloo Chat Puree V £2.95
Veg Pakora V £2.95


Seafood Starters

Prawn Puree £3.25
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik £3.95
Tandoori King Prawn £3.60
King Prawn Butterfly £3.60

Marinated in chef special recipe then covered in golden bread crumbs and deep fried.

Prawn Cocktail £2.95
Tandoori Salmon Fish £3.95
Fish Pakora  £3.95
Fish Biran £3.95

Fresh onion and capsicum sliced then pan fried with fresh garlic and Worcester sauce (dry dish)


Tandoori Dishes

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £5.95

Chicken or lamb marinated in tandoori spices barbecued

Tandoori Chicken £5.95

Half a Tandoori chicken marinated in tandoori spices and barbecued in the tandoor.

Tandoori Delux Mix Grill £6.95

Served with fresh salad and mint sauce (dry dish)

Moza Mix Shashlick £6.95

Tender pieces of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab, tandoori king prawn marinated and cooked in the clay oven with onion, capsicum and tomatoes, garnished with coriander. Healthy option

Moza Special Stir-Fry £5.95

Sliced of chicken marinated and roasted then stir fried with fresh onion, mushroom, peppers and soya sauce.


Chefs Special

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka Masala (Mild) £5.95

Mild and sweet with hint of spice. [ contains NUTS ]

Tandoori King Prawn Masala (Mild) £6.95

[ contains NUTS ]

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi £5.95

Fairly hot sauce with fresh green chillies, green pepper and fresh coriander.

Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi £6.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Korahi £5.95

Cooked with chunky pieces of onions, peppers and tomatoes in spicy sauce.

King Prawn Korahi £6.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Chat Masala £5.95

Mouth watering dish, cooked with a sprinkle of chat masala, tomatoes and various chat spices.

Clay Pot Chicken £5.95

Chicken tikka cooked with potatoes and fresh herbs and spices

Garlic Chicken Mushroom Delight £5.95

Cooked in a medium sauce topped with mushroom, pepper and garlic

Murgi Masala £5.95

Tender pieces tandoori chicken cooked with keema & boiled egg comes in medium sauce

Adda Kata Lamb £5.95

Tender piece of lamb cooked in bhunz sauce with garlic, coriander & ginger.

Modhu Minty Lamb Aloo £5.95

Tender piece of lamb cooked with baby potatoes infused with honey & mint.

South Bengal Garlic Chilli Chicken £5.95

Sliced chicken cooked with fresh garlic, chilli, topped with spring onion and chilli. Slightly hot

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Chilli Masala £5.95

Cooked with fresh garlic and green chilli, garnished with coriander. (Slightly hot)

Tandoori Chicken Chana Palak £5.95

Oven chicken cooked with chick peas and spinach (medium)

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Makani (Mild) £5.95

Mild and creamy cooked with butter, almond powder, pure ghee and cream. [ contains NUTS ]

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Pasanda (Mild) £5.95

Chicken and lamb cooked with homemade pasanda sauce, with almonds, pistachio nuts herbs and cream to produce a very tasteful mild dish. [ contains NUTS ]

Butter Chicken (Mild) £5.95

Marinated tandoori chicken cooked in a rich mild & creamy sauce. [ contains NUTS ]

Monglai Chicken Korma (Mild) £5.95

Chicken marinated in yoghurt & min barbecued then cooked in a sweet korma sauce dressed with honey. [ contains NUTS ]

Minty Lamb Bhuna £5.95

Pieces of lamb cooked with fresh crushed mint leafs with special herbs and spices

Garlic Chicken Bhuna £5.95

Chicken in thick homemade special sauce cooked with herbs and spices.

Tandoori Mix Special Bhoona £6.95

Cooked in homemade bhoona sauce

Tandoori King Prawn Bhoona £6.95

King prawn cooked with fresh tomatoes in chef’s homemade sauce


Exclusive Dishes

Roshuni Muglai £8.95

Chicken strips cooked in a spicy sauce with garlic, coriander, peppers, topped with a bed of spicy garlic fried mushroom.

Sizzling Jaipuri Lamb Chops £8.95

Juicy lamb chops cooked in clay oven then stir fried with herbs and spices, onions, peppers & delicate herbs and spices.

Fish Bhunz £8.95

Fish cooked with garlic and coriander onions & peppers. A medium dish

Garlic Salmon Jalfrezi £8.95

Hot & spicy cooked with capsicums, onions, coriander and fresh chilli

Cod Palak £8.95

Cod fish cooked in spices with fresh spinach and bullet chilli cooked in thick bhuna sauce.



Mozalicious special

Moza Naga (chicken tikka or lamb tikka) £5.95

Marinated in chef’s special spices cooked with onions, coriander, fresh scotch bonnets with a hint of mustard. A hot dish

Moza Special Curry £5.95

Chunky pieces of chicken cooked with chef’s special recipe. Medium hot.

Moza Mix £6.95

Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka and meat balls, with egg, fresh peppers and touch of naaga cooked with chef’s homemade sauce. Slightly hot. Highly recommended.

Moza Shahi Licious £5.95

Chicken tikka cooked with potatoes, fresh chilli, fresh herbs and spices. Slightly hot.

Moza Roshoon Murghi £5.95

Garlic flavour chicken cooked in fairly hot and richly spiced sauce.

Moza Keema Asari £5.95

Boneless spring chicken cooked with minced meat and mix pickle (medium hot)

Moza Relish Chicken £5.95

Prepared with a special blend of masalla pieces of chicken cooked in a special coriander relish sauce with a touch of garlic and ginger

Moza Zaicuti Murghi £5.95

Tandoori chicken cooked in a clay oven, then cooked with herbs and spices with minced lamb and cheese

Moza Shashlik Delight £5.95

Marinated chicken cooked in tandoori with chunks of onion and peppers, then cooked in the chefs special bhuna sauce.

Moza Bengal Bhunz £5.95

Tender pieces of chicken and lamb cooked in a spicy sauce with garlic, coriander



Traditional Dishes

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £4.95 | Chicken or Lamb Tikka £5.50 | King Prawn £6.95 | Mixed Special  £6.95 | Vegetable £4.50
Pathia (sweet & sour)
Dansak (Lentil, hot & sour)
Korma [ contains NUTS ] (Mild) 
Suraya (with banana)
Malaya  (With pineapple)
Dopiaza  (Diced onions)
Saagwala (With Spinach)

Biryani Dishes

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani £5.95
Persian Chicken Biryani £6.25
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani £6.25
King Prawn Biryani £7.95
House Special £7.95
Vegetable Biryani £5.50

Combination Dishes

Any combinations you require can be prepared on request extra 50p. King Prawn Combinations £1.00
Chicken tikka masala, & Lamb tikka Jalfrezi
Chicken Korma & Meat Balti
Chicken sag dupiaza & Chicken tikka chat masala
(vegetable dish) Saag paneer & vegetable bhaji

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Bhaji or Mush Bhaji £2.60
Saag Aloo (Spinach and potato) £2.60
Gajar Gammini (Carrot & mushroom) £2.60
Saag Paneer (Spinach with cottage cheese) £2.60
Motor Paneer (Peas with cottage cheese) £2.60
Tarka Dhaal (Lentils) £2.60
Bombay Aloo (Lightly spiced potatoes) £2.60
Chana Bhaji (Chick peas) £2.60
Spicy Bindi (Okra) £2.60
Spicy Gobi (Cauliflower) £2.60
Roshoon Palak (Spinach with garlic) £2.60


Boiled Rice £1.85
Pilau Rice £1.95
Fried Rice £1.95
Egg Fried Rice £1.95
Garlic Fried Rice £1.95
Chilli Fried Rice £1.95
Lemon Fried Rice £1.95
Coconut Fried Rice (Sweet) £1.95
Chicken Fried Rice £2.10
Vegetable Stir Fried Rice £1.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice £1.95
Keema Pilau Rice £1.95
Korahi Pilau Rice (Spring onion with Worcester sauce) £1.95
Special Pilau Rice (Peas, egg, carrots) £2.10
Vegetable Pilau Rice £1.95

English Dishes

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £4.95
Fried Chicken & Chips £4.95
Chicken Omelette & Chips £4.95
Scampi & Chips £5.50
Plain Omelette & Chips £4.95
Mushroom Omelette & Chips £4.95
Pan Fried Chicken & Chips £5.50
Fried onions, mushroom, peas

Tandoori Breads

Plain Nan £1.85
Keema Nan (Minced lamb) £1.95
Cheese Nan £1.95
Peshwari Nan (Coconut & sultanas) [ contains NUTS ] £1.95
Honey Nan £1.95
Mushroom Nan £1.95
Kulcha Nan (Mix vegetables) £1.95
Garlic Nan £1.95
Garlic & Cheese Nan £2.10
Garlic & Coriander Nan £2.10
Tikka Nan £2.10
Special Nan £2.50

Tikka, garlic, coriander topped with cheese

Trio Nan £2.50

Keema garlic with coriander

Paratha £1.60
Stuffed Paratha £1.95
Chicken Tikka or Sheek Kebab Wrap £4.10
Roti £1.60
Chappati or Purie £1.10


Chips £1.60
Mix Raitha £1.00
Green Salad £1.00
Plain Papadom £0.50
Spice Papadom £0.75
Mint Sauce or Red Sauce £0.50
Mango Chutney £0.50
Mixed Pickle or Chilli Pickle £0.50


Desserts & Drinks

Banana Fritter £1.95
Pineapple Fritter £1.95
Choice of Soft Drink (330ml can) £0.80
Soft Drink Bottle £2.50
Coke or Diet Coke (1.5ltr bottle)



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